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Shining Star Waldorf School Grades 1-5

May 27, 2010

Consider Shining Star Waldorf School for your child for grade school Fall 2010.  Advantages:  30 children, close knit community, excellent teachers, artistic education including music, uke-guitar band, Spanish, French, handwork, games, play, classic literature and history, whole-child focus, family inclusion, M-Th, 9 am to 3 pm, convenient NE Location near 21st & Broadway, Nature Immersion Thursdays year round out in field, forest, farm, reasonable tuition, respect for your child!  Option for home schooling families, too.  We love our children and families and have a fantastic time every day, the children dance into school and cry when vacation comes and they have to stay home for a while!  We cook, sew, sing, hammer, plant, play, wonder, imagine, and do every sort of art!

Please visit www.shiningstarschool.com  or call 503 309 4223 to arrange a personal visit this next two weeks.  Education is NOT the filling of the bucket, it is the lighting of a fire. 

Shining Star Waldorf School, Bio-Immersion Program, Fall 2010, Ages 6-10

March 10, 2010

Shining Star Waldorf School offers Fall 2010 Grades Bio-Immersion Program for children ages six to ten. Mon-Thursday, 9 am to 3 pm, with three days in an urban classroom setting and Thursdays spent outdoors every week, year round, in farming, in a forest, in fields or other wilderness areas. This brand new option will foster nature connection for our children and open new worlds of learning when immersed in contact with the earth, the weather, the wild world, and weekly adventures. Children will enjoy daily main lesson in small classes, handwork, arts, music, instruments, foreign language, and movement as part of the three day, in-town classes. Options for One day Monday Program for home-schooling children. Please consider joining us in this pioneering effort to create a brand new Waldorf program in NE Portland that embraces a wide range of learning activities and families. Visit the school website at www.shiningstarschool.com and email us for an application.