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Creston School

April 27, 2011

We are new to Portland and our son who is entering kindergarten did not get into any of the schools we applied for.  Our neighborhood school is Creston.  I have heard not good things about this school.  Can anyone tell me their opinion on it?  I am going to tour it asap.  Not sure where to go from here.  But none of the kids on our block attend this school.  Very concerned about it.  Would appreciate any input you might have.  Thanks 


Ockley Green Kindergarten Round-Up

January 25, 2010

Hello fellow mamas and daddys,

I'm here to rave about our school, Ockley Green. Ockley Green is an Arts and Technology magnet school located in the Arbor Lodge neighborhood of North Portland. It is a K - 8 school offering an exciting cirriculum for it's students; including art, music, p.e., and dance! Unlike many schools, OG provides the students with up to 3 recess periods -  which we feel is important for children to work off their extra energy. The staff and administration are fabulous. My son is a kindergartener and he is really blossoming at this school! Come and see for yourself at one of our open house events:

Feb 3: 1:00 pm

Feb 16th: 5:30pm

A little about us: we are 12 year residents of the Piedmont neighborhood in North Portland. Last year we went through the lottery process, although I've been going through the school selection process since giving birth to my son! I suspect my husband and I are no different than any of you in that we want our son to have an enriching school experience that is both challenging and nurturing. We discussed at length the pros and cons of public, charter and private options and ultimately made Ockley Green our number 1 choice in the lottery because of the curriculum. At the end of the lottery we had 3 choices and we chose Ockley Green.

Thanks for your time; I wish you all luck in the lottery system. I'm thankful that we have choices!


Help me figure out PPS options!

November 14, 2009

My daughter will be entering kindergarten next fall. We are currently living with friends, near Foster and 82nd, but do not expect to be living here more than a year or so. We have no idea where we will live after that, and we're feeling paralyzed about the school situation. I think it would probably be best to put her into a school that fits her best, and then look for a place to live near that school. But I don't know what my options are, and the PPS website isn't exactly... helpful. I do know I'll need to figure out a plan in the next few months in order to meet the deadlines for lottery applications. So I thought I'd ask the Urbanmamas community for help!

So here are my questions:

1) Are the only options the charter schools, or can I "apply" to other schools, like language immersion schools? If so, how? 

2) Does anybody recommend a school? (Public only, as we have no money.) My daughter is talkative, compliant, wants to please adults, and loves imaginative play. I would love to have her in a school that could harness her strengths, help her develop her (currently not so great) ability to cope with obstacles, and engage her in physical activity. Also, it has to be close to public transit! 

Thanks very much!

Wee Fun Camps and Play Groups

April 10, 2009

I am a certified teacher turned SAHM.  I have two girls, almost two and almost four. My love of teaching and desire to do things that include my own children has led me to start Wee Fun camps and play groups.

Last months Spring Break camp was a blast.  We had so much fun that we have decide to have one every month in addition to our weekly "play, laugh and learn" mini sessions.

Every mom and dad needs a break or a chance to just clean, run errands, work... need I say more.  If you have not joined us for a mini sessions or camp now is your chance to let your kids and yourself have a break and see what Wee Fun is all about.

Join Miya Kai and Elsa for one or more fun-filled mornings.  Your children will enjoy circle time, singing and dancing, hands-on science experiments, real world math, reading and creative writing, messy art, cooking, nature exploration, gardening, creative play, games and more.  No parent participation required!

What:  Wee Fun Camp
Where:  Miya Kai's house:  20320 SW Celebrity Ct.  Aloha OR 97007
When:  Monday, April 20th - Thursday April 23rd *
Who:  Children ages 3-10 years (call for children under 3)
Camp time: 9:00 am to 12:30 pm

Cost:  $12 per session.
          Sibling Discount
          Discount given to campers who attend all camp sessions.

All campers need to bring a sack lunch*,  morning snack will be provided.

*Thursday April 23th - space limited - this session is our weekly session.

For more information regarding this camp or our regular weekly sessions respond to this e-mail or call Dori Hoodenpyle at 503-941-5298.

Lets play, laugh, and learn together,

Dori, Miya Kai, and Elsa

Wee Fun
503 941 5298
503 536 5044

Kindergarten Early Entry Experiences?

January 24, 2009

We UrbanMamas have debated the pros/cons of early entry to kindergarten already. I'm looking for some actual stories from mamas about the early entry process. Portland Public Schools says that the process is still under review for this year. Let's assume nothing will change. I'd really like to know what the psychologist assessment was like. Did you child score well enough to qualify for early entry? Did your child mind the assessment? Does anyone know how many kids actually qualify through testing vs. how many don't make the cut? Do you have opinions on which psychologists are good for this assessment and who we should stay away from? Did you end up placing your child in kindergarten "early" and how has that been? Any regrets? Anybody out there wish that they had done early entry? Thanks in advance for stories!