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Golden Leaf Charter High School Forming School

June 10, 2010

The Golden Leaf Charter High School is a unique, free public high school currently applying for a charter with the Portland Public School District. Golden Leaf offers a rigorous and dynamic academic experience, which is grounded in an educational philosophy inspired by Waldorf methods. The school will have an experiential, hands-on approach to learning in the core subjects of Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Social Sciences, and Foreign Language. It will also offer extensive course content in the areas of fine art, applied and practical arts, music, theater, and dance. Outdoor education is an integral part of Golden Leaf’s philosophy. Bi-annual backpack and camping trips, as well as day trips to local nature preserves are an essential part of the curriculum. Another unique aspect of Golden Leaf’s course work is its senior year service project, which offers opportunities to work within the Portland area or to travel abroad and give back to society as part of the learning experience. Go to www.GLCHS.org for info...