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Le Monde Immersion

April 26, 2011

Le Monde Immersion is a non-profit organization, founded by parents and educators seeking to create a French immersion Public Charter school in the Portland Public School District.

Le Monde Immersion is currently applying for Public Charter status, and hopes to open its doors to Kindergarten and First Grade students in the fall of 2012, growing one grade per year to the eighth grade.

Le Monde Immersion is now forming an affordable, fee-based Kindergarten class which will commence in September 2011.  Please visit our website or contact us to learn more!  

Thank you and Merci!



Public French Immersion School: public meeting

February 11, 2009

A group of local parents and educators is in the process of establishing a public French immersion elementary school in Portland open to all seeking oral & written proficiency a world language. Our school offers a rigorous American education in French that values global perspectives, cultural diversity, math, science & the arts.

We will hold our first public meeting on Wednesday Feb 25, 6-8pm, at the Benson High School cafeteria, 546 NE 12th, Portland.

If you are interested in learning more about or becoming a part of this exciting project, please come to the meeting to share your thoughts and ask questions. We will also hear from the principal of Richmond Elementary's Japanese immersion program as she discusses language immersion in Portland schools.

You can also contact us and learn more online: http://mysite.verizon.net/public_french_immersion_pdx/