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North Portland Schools: seeking opinions

April 08, 2011

As we sift through the options for kindergarten, we've come up with our top four: Astor, Beach, Chief Joseph, and James John.  I'd love to hear from families who have kids in these schools, educators who work at these schools, or other parents considering these.  Thanks for your feedback!

Chief Joseph and the new principal

August 04, 2008

We live in Piedmont and Chief Joe is our neighborhood school. For a long time I'd heard only good things about the school, not least because everyone seemed to love the principal, who I hear had been there for many years. Then she retired and a replacement recently came on board. Interestingly, I hear the new principal sees fit to send his own children to Catholic school instead of to public school, although that may not be indicative of anything...

So I'm really wondering, Chief Joe parents: What's up? How are things at your school? Still good? How do you feel about the new principal?