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ADHD & Middle School

April 29, 2013

I know Urban Mamas has published multiple posts in the past regarding the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. My question is a little bit different.
I have a child with ADHD whose academic performance - while not stellar - is strong enough that she does not qualify for an IEP/classroom assistance. She has been fortunate to have teachers at her K-5 school who make accommodations for her nonetheless (by providing noise-cancelling headphones during reading time, for example.) However, next year will be her last year at this school before moving on to middle school.
I am wondering if anyone in the Urban Mamas community has suggestions or recommendations for middle school programs where an easily-distracted child might thrive. I attended several PPS middle school open houses this year, but this is uncharted territory for me. 
Thanks for your help!


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I should add that while we are primarily interested in Portland public middle schools, we'd consider private school or moving to another district for a school where she could really thrive. Thanks!

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