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Cell Phone Towers Near Schools

January 11, 2010

I just became aware that a cell phone tower has gone up across the street from my public school. I am looking for resources and advice on how the parents can work to remove this. I would appreciate any resources related to the science and policy of cell phone towers near schools. 

Thank you!


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I just found out that they put in a cell phone tower at 615 Richmond Street, El Segundo, CA, which is the address of my grandson's school. What can I do to make parents aware of the danger for their children. Especially younger children whose skull bones are thin are extremely threatened by the microwave emissions.

As Clifton Hassam, a Florida 16 year old junior in high school, sat in class, his blood sugar began to reach dangerous levels. His monitor, which is attached to his hip, began beeping to inform him of this. Hassam reached down to turn off the beeping noise and take care of his blood sugar levels.

The cell phone tower should not be developed near school in consideratation of their health.

Once the tower is up, there's not much you can do about it. PPS changed their policy to restrict new antennas from school properties but there is no law against installing towers near schools on public property. Cell tower exposure is a growing concern and the US is much slower than other countries in addressing these concerns.

You might check out www.expelcelltowers.org.

There is a also a documentary playing Feb 21st at 4pm at the Hollywood Theater called "Full Signal" about cell tower exposure.

The respectpdx site is a great one and the folks involved are extremely organized. They may be able to give you advice.

It's a federal law that allows cell towers to be installed wherever they are "needed". Any changes in the laws will have to happen on a federal level.

A cell tower was installed, with permission from a church, 100 feet from my child's preschool so I deeply understand your concern and have spent the school year researching the subject.

Very best of luck to you!

Here is a website that has some great info. www.respectpdx.org

Our neighborhood is also fighting a cell tower being put in. Yay for you for wanting to do something about it!

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