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School choices for speech delayed 10 year old

December 03, 2008

My family is moving to Portland next year and I am seeking advice for school choices (public or private) for my 10-year-old daughter who is speech delayed/ADD and needs smaller, individualized curriculum and small class sizes.  She also receives speech therapy. She currently attends a school in Sarasota, Florida called Dreams are Free which is a private school for average to high intelligent kids with learning disabilities. They teach the kids in ways that they can learn.  I would prefer a public school and am looking at homes in Milwaulkie, Oregon City, West Linn, Lake Oswego, and may SW Portland.  Does anyone have any feedback on the schools in these communities...positive or negative?  Any help or guidance would be appreciated!  Thanks so much. 


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If you are willing to do private I would suggest CLASS Acadamy. It is a small private school with 12 -12 children per class. I have a child with a disability who is considered very high functioning. The public schools were not intimate enough and did not offer any supports because she was so high functioning. Becasue of how CLASS teaches, the small class size it works well for her. www.classacademy.com

Here is the website for MESD (Multnomah county Education Services District).

On the left hand side, you'll see links for Speech & Language, OT, PT, etc.

My son is in the early education and is part of a small classroom of other children with speech delays, etc. They have classrooms in many Multnomah County Schools.

Good luck!

I think that DA Grout Elementary in SE Portland has a special communications classroom for students whose needs might be similar to your daughter's. I've heard really good things about how successful the kids in the program are.

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