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Rieke Elementary

December 03, 2008

I have family moving to Portland from Brazil for one year in January and they have 2 kids: one who will be in fourth grade and the other in 11th grade.  They are thinking of putting their children in Rieke and Wilson.  Is there anyone who has children at either of these schools?  I have been on the websites and they both look very nice, but it would be great to get some comments from parents familiar with the schools.

Rieke Elementary
1405 SW Vermont
Portland, Oregon 97219
(503) 916-5768


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Still about Rieke but another question:
Has anyone had any problems getting into full day kindergarten at Rieke? and if so did you choose the 1/2 day option or opt for another school. Also if you choose the 1/2 day option and work what after school program did your child go to?

My son is at Rieke and loves it. We moved into the neighborhood for the wonderful community feel and the great schools. The teachers and staff are energetic and seem well supported and happy to be there. It's a cozy school where the principal is very visible and parents know each other. There is a lot of parent support in the classrooms and for events such as fundraising, PTA, etc.

We have a first grader at Rieke, and have been very happy. She has had excellent teachers, and there is a great sense of community at the school. (I think there are tours offered every Friday, if you want to take a look around yourself. Give the office a call to check that, though.)

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