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Metropolitan Learning Center

November 19, 2008

Metropolitan Learning Center

2033 NW Glisan
Portland, OR 97209


Does anyone have any experience with MLC?


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Has anyone had their child get accepted into MLC after being on the wait list? I am so excited about the school and want nothing more than to have my kids get their education at MLC. Unfortunately, I came home today and found out my daughter is #15 on the female wait list for kindergarten. I was wondering what the likely hood of her getting into the school this year.

DO NOT SEND YOUR KIDS TO MLC! my son attended Chatman his learning style seems to be different. I thought MLC would be better because they do more hands-on learning it was a smaller school. I assumed smaller class sizes meant better education. I was so incredibly wrong smaller school means tighter clicks worse bullying more overwhelmed teachers the administration has horrible follow through and would rather sweep every issue under the rug and not address it so that they can keep their "community" happy! I struggled with the decision do I take my son out of Chatman and to MLC ??? what's better I didn't know until I got there that this was not better there's no way I would ever have my kid go to high school at MLC the elective choices are so much less than any other school your kid doesn't really have a choice in who they want to be because there is one type of kid at the school.... I want my kid to be able to be a chest geek, or a music nerd, or a sports guy... but at this school there is one type of student and there's not enough diversity!

I like ANMJ on FB & just subscribed to the email feed! :)

Thanks for starting that FB group, Monica. My daughter is also starting K this fall - looking forward to meeting you!

My daughter is entering Kindergarten next year and we really want to meet other MLC parents! I have started a Facebook group so we can coordinate a few meetings before the fall, only MLC families will be accepted into the group for safety reasons, so please ask to be accepted! The Facebook group is named "MLC Kindergarten Meetup".

Hi Michelle,
If you are still looking to meet some MLC parents, send me an email. gretchen_sanders@hotmail.com

My son was accepted to MLC and he is entering sixth grade at this fall. He doesn't know anyone who attends MLC and he is feeling nervous about this. I would love to be able to connect with other MLC families, especially those with children in the middle school program. What are your impressions of the school? I am aware that it is a very supportive school environment that is engaging and intellectually safe? Are students challenged academically? How do you feel about the open campus lunch hour? Thanks so much for any information you have!

Hi my daughter Millie will be entering first grade at MLC in the fall. I too would love her to have some playdates over the summber we live in the NE

my email is midgemckeever@google.com



Thanks, Gretchen! I sent you an email and look forward to meeting up.

Hi RC. I have a daughter in K now and another for next year. I'd love to get together for a play date. Also, Carol assures me she'll be there next year. Feel free to email me. gretchen_sanders@hotmail.com

Just a reminder that registration is still open for kindergarten at Ockley Green Arts and Technology School, a PPS K-8 in North Portland. To register, call the office:

Ockley Green
6031 N Montana
Portland, OR 97217
(503) 916-5660

We are parents of an Ockley Green kindergarten student and have been impressed with the kindergarten curriculum, responsive instructors, and friendly staff. We love the "extras" that Ockley Green offers, including a state-of-the-art electronic music lab with an amazing music teacher, but most impressive to us is the diverse, community-focused atmosphere and supportive PTO, all in a school that we can bike to. We are happy that North/Northeast Portland finally offers an arts-focused magnet program and are excited to grow with the school.

Feel free to contact me with any questions:
info [at] nicoleleaper [dot] com

Our daughter will be starting kindergarten at MLC in Sept '10. We'd love to meet up with other incoming kindergarteners over the summer, especially those in N/NE.

Also, I've heard a rumor that the current K teacher is retiring after this year. Anybody know whether that's true?


I have two daughters there (3rd and 5th) and have loved it. The community is very empowering for children. Even prior to my children going there, every MLC student I encountered (and we have several in our neighborhood) was very articulate, confident, self-possessed and mature. I have watched my kids develop a very strong sense of self. The teachers are incredible and the focus on how to get along with others within a community is wonderful. As far as the wide range of ages - it is a microcosm of society. The older students seem to have a sense of protectorship over the younger students. And the younger students really look up to the older grades. The school does a great job of integrating the ages (reading buddies, all-school gatherings, etc...).

Hi, my son is starting kindergarden next year, and my daughter will be going into 2nd grade. We have really liked MLC so far and would love to get together for a playdate some time, feel free to email me - tashellk@gmail.com

Yes! My son will also be starting in MLC's kindergarten this year. We'd love a playdate. We are in North Portland.

My son is starting kindergarten there this fall and we are looking to connect with other families before hand just to make him more comfortable. Anyone interested in a playdate?

Our family will be joining the MLC community next year and I would love to hear experiences from other MLC parents, especially about the kindergarten and the after school program.

Got ours too - #7 and #8. Anyone have an idea of our chances of getting in?

we got ours today too #24 UGG.

We got ours today - #40 on the wait list. C'est la vie!

Letters should arrive in the mail tomorrow. I heard they were sent out on Friday.

Has anyone heard yet on admission for 09-10?

I'm curious how parents at MLC about the mixed age environment. And, specifically, being at a school with kids ranging in age from 5 to 18. Are there safety concerns for little kids there? At some K-8 schools, there are issues with mixing elementary age and middle school children in the same building. Do you see this as a concern or issue at MLC?


i did some student teaching there and my husband graduated from MLC. it is a great school, but the thing i noticed is it's a better fit for self motivated individuals. someone who needs constant guidance, maybe not so much.


Would either of you mind posting your email so I can contact you...I'm very interested in MLC for my son next year. Thanks!

I have a 2 children at MLC (3rd and K). After being there for over 3 years, we still think it's the best school ever.

My son is in 1st grade there. It is our 1st year, he went to Montessori for kindergarten. It has been a great experience thus far.

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