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Jennifer Murdock Photography


Jennifer Murdock Photography offers contemporary design, that will put the joy of your family, in your home for a lifetime. Jennifer has a conveniently located studio in SE Portland,specializing in maternity, newborn and infant portraiture, she also offers Outdoor Photography. Jennifer offers great local, sustainable speciality products. Proofs can be viewed online, and prints can be order through personal galleries, and delivered right to your home.

The lovely Jennifer Murdock is offering an in studio session and a 16x20 print to a lucky giveaway winner! You can read her story here and browse her website while you're at it. You won't be disappointed! 

Leave a comment to be entered to win (email address required). The winner will be chosen on Friday and notified via email.


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Waaaay overdue for a photo session with my not-so-little darling!

Sign me up!

yes please!

18 months photos for us are right around the corner.

Beautiful pictures!! Would love some 2 yr. old photos of our daughter.

Beats the pants off of Sears.

I've heard about her and followed your "about" link. She has such an interesting professional history.

Would love this!

Way over due for the little ones 18-mo pictures.

I would love this.

Yes, please!

this would be awesome!

I've seen her work before. It's beautiful. I would love this for my little one

I would love some photos of my cuties!

fingers crossed...

Would be wonderful!

This would be great! My toddler is so active it's hard to get a good picture of him. It would be awesome to have a pro to do the job.

I was just thinking it's time for some photos of the baby!

That is a great photo! Sign us up!

This would be great!

Hoping for this one!

photos can be such a treasure. would love this!

Yes, please!

Love a family picture!

These photos are gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win.

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