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Cool, Locally Made Kids' Communication & Skills Tool

October 27, 2015


Awesome tool for kids to connect the dots between how they're feeling, who's involved, and how to cope.  Great way "in" for kids and adults to talk about the important, sometimes uncomfortable stuff.  Please check it out and consider pre-ordering a deck.  Every bit of support helps get this project off the ground.  Thank you!!  Feedback welcome here or via email - ksnellryan@gmail.com

Click here to check it out:     https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/communicationcards/a-penny-for-your-thoughts-a-survival-kit-for-kids


March 12, 2012

Hello, I received a floral diaper cake for my shower. It was beautiful and really not like any that I have seen in the past, so I thought I might give them a shootout to everyone. Thanks Ray and Kathy! www.bloomingdiapers.com

The best mom's bag ever!

November 20, 2008

Hi there fellow urbanMamas!  I just joined the team of Naturally Knotty and you'll love these bags!  They've found the perfect balance between fashion and practicality.  The website is www.naturallyknotty.com .  From market totes with pockets that will fit whatever you need them to, to the baby cashmere line (so cute- and it's on Costco.com!).  Personally, I love the market totes.....I can haul anything everywhere and still look good doing it!  Of course, what totally does it,  is that they're made with recycled materials and super durable.  Plus, they're weatherproof, so all the better to brave Portland's rain in!  So, check them out and let us know what you think!  Here's a motherload of ideas :) diaper bag, boat bag, everything bag, gym/fitness/yoga bag, book bag, grocery bag, gift bag, school bag, overnight bag, beach bag....

Free samples of holistic product for kids cough/cold

September 08, 2008

With sneeze season right around the corner, and given the FDA’s anticipated announcement of banning all cough and cold medicines for children four and under – I wanted to share an all-natural idea with other urbanmamas.

An all-natural, organic remedy that provides relief to children with colds and/or allergies and has been popular in Europe for 75 years is just now being introduced in the United States. It is called Sinupret For Kids and is made by a leading German pharmaceutical company that offers plant-based products: www.BionoricaUSA.com.

If you are interested in holistic remedies and know of other moms who would be as well, please consider sharing some samples with friends, co-workers or family members.

I can get you 30 samples in an easy to transport bag so you can leave it in your car, by your front door or under your desk at work and share them with people as you see them. I will hand deliver samples in late September to those interested. The people giving out the kits will also get some gifts including a book by Dr. Sears (The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood: Ten Ways to Get Your Family on the Right Nutritional Track).

I have a 18-month old son, and have been following the news about how dangerous the drug based cold medicines can be, so I am excited that this product is coming to the US. The same company also makes an adult cold/sinus product and you will also get a sample of that in to try out.

I’ll include lots more info below, and am also happy to answer any questions you have. I really need your help getting these samples into our community!

Erin Thomas
*I live in Portland, but am happy to get samples to people in other areas as well!

From the Dr. Sears website:

What can parents do to relieve cough and congestion when their young kids catch a cold or flu?
We suggest you try a natural alternative called SINUPRET. This plant-based pharmaceutical grade natural cold and cough medicine has been used in Europe for decades as a primary treatment for kids of all ages, and it just became available in the U.S. Not only does it relieve nasal and chest congestion and help clear out mucus, it also boosts the body's own immune response to infections to help clear them out faster. It comes as a liquid or capsules. For more information visit www.BionoricaUSA.com.


Sinupret For Kids FAQ’s:

-100% safe for children aged 2 – 11
-holistic alternative to Children’s Dimetapp, Sudafed, Tylenol and Robitussin
-safe for children who currently take daily medication
-all natural, plant-based alternative to what is currently on the market
-the kit will include samples as well as coupons, etc.
-major US partners for the launch include Disney and Dr. Sears
-people giving out the kits will also get some gifts including a book by Dr. Sears (The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood: Ten Ways to Get Your Family on the Right Nutritional Track)
-Sinupret will be sold in the United States as an over-the-counter pharmaceutical product available online and in stores such as Wal-mart, Walgreens, Longs, CVS
-it is currently the #1 remedy for children’s respiratory and sinus conditions in Europe.
-it does not contain any harmful stimulants, caffeine, ephedra, or pseudoephedrine, like most other children’s cold medicines


Review Opportunity: new TBS / TNT series

May 07, 2008

I'd like to offer you the opportunity to screen four summer series compliments of TBS and TNT.   Featuring performances by award-winning actresses like Kyra Sedgwick, Holly Hunter, Laura San Giacomo and more, TNT's provocative and gripping drama series as well as TBS's laugh out loud comedies are the perfect remedy when you're in desperate need of a timeout from your busy life! 
Over the next few weeks, I'll be offering some terrific opportunities regarding these series – including interviews with cast members and producers, and even the chance to attend advance screening parties, often featuring a cast member from the show, in key cities across the country. 

If you are interested in receiving an exclusive summer viewing package complete with some of the best episodes from "The Closer," Saving Grace," "My Boys" and "The Bill Engvall Show," please send an email ASAP to  beyondpr2@gmail.com or contact Kristin Flannery at 310-529-6813 for additional information. 

Fabulous Organic Meals Delivered to Your Door

March 24, 2008

I just tried this amazing service called Building Blocks Foods (http://buildingblocksfoods.com/) and I love it!

I am such a busy mom with running my own biz and my husband is gone two evenings every week so coming home and cooking with a baby and toddler is well, not possible. We usually end up with take out on the nights he is gone…until I found Jon’s site. He delivers dishes that you have selected from his weekly rotating menu. They are vegetarian, organic and ummm, umm good. Such a saver from another night of Thai or pizza. Thank you Jon!