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Seeking "happy urban family" for Documentary

July 25, 2008

Hi Urban Mamas!
I am writing from Northern Light Productions, we are working on a documentary about land-use in Portland- for a series called "Making Sense of Place."
We are looking to profile a "happy urban family" that city planning works for- a family that rides the MAX everywhere- to work, to take children to the park and daycare, etc.  If you know of anyone, please send them this email.  Feel free to write with any questions.  I know it is short notice, but we are in town filming this weekend, if anyone is available this weekend.

Thank you,
Jenny Alexander
Northern LIght Productions
(Boston-based documentaries and museum pieces)

TV documentary on working mothers: you??

June 04, 2008

A journalist at Al Jazeera English wrote us with this opportunity to share your working mama story on international TV:

I am a TV journalist for Al Jazeera English, and I am currently working on a new show called We The People, a series of half-hour documentaries focusing on some of the most crucial issues at stake in these presidential elections. Each program will zero in one issue – jobs, poverty, race, immigration, gender, health car, war, etc - and will be located accordingly across America. The series is hosted by our News hosts, Ghida Fakhry, and you can watch the first three episode online:
We are now working on an episode dedicated to “gender.” I would like to tell the story of a couple of working mothers, to represent the general context for women workers in the US, the lack of a “caring society” system, and the status of a “mothers’ movement.”
I am interested in interviewing working mothers in different circumstances – maybe  a woman who is experiencing a more “extreme” situation, for example a single mother, or someone who lost a house due to the subprime crisis, or has no benefits, or is affected by discrimination at work etc… For example, I’d like to tell the story of a young mother, or a pregnant woman, to talk about the maternity leave / child care challenge, or given all the issues around WalMart, a mother who works there. I also would like to talk about benefits, health care, pay and promotion gap. Another possible angle would be “immigrant mothers” (see the article by Gretchen Hunt on The Mothers Movement Online: http://www.mothersmovement.org/features/08/05/immigration.html).
Ideally, this could be “a tale of two mothers” in Portland, exploring the different challenges women face in different conditions, but the ultimate common need for a more family friendly environment.
For more info about Al Jazeera English:
Each week, Al Jazeera English delivers to 120 million viewers around the world news, features, analysis and documentaries. Through its broadcasting centers in Doha, Kuala Lumpur, London and Washington, DC, Al Jazeera English provides both a regional voice and an international perspective to an audience of English speakers in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Our guests range from politicians, ministers, presidents, experts and celebrities.
You can find more information about what we are all about on the following recent article: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/11/12/opinion/12cohen.html

If you're interested and think you're a good fit, contact Diana at: diana.ferrero@aljazeera.net

Seeking Pregnant Woman for a film

May 02, 2008

Local casting agent Lana Veenker announced yesterday that 2929 Entertainment is in desperate need of a real live pregnant woman —who looks like South African-born bombshell Charlize Theron —to double for the actress in The Road, a feature film based on Cormac McCarthy’s novel. The Road is scheduled to shoot on the north coast of Oregon in May. “The producers prefer to use an actual pregnant woman rather than put a fake belly on the actress. But it’s important that she resemble Charlize in height, weight and hair color,” says Veenker. That’s all 5-foot-9 to 5-foot-11 Caucasian women with blond hair who are around four months’ pregnant and wearing a dress size 6 or 8. There’s gotta be tons of ’em around here, right? There’s no charge to be considered for the role, and no nudity will be required (oh, really?). Preggo ladies should send their photos and contact details to Lana Veenker Casting via Eryn Goodman at talent@slateplease.com. http://wweek.com/editorial/3425/10911/

Group of Mamas Front Porch Sale

May 04, 2007

Good Quality Infant to preschooler stuff.

Girl clothing ranging up to 3T
Boy clothing ranging up to 6T
Boys & Girls shoes

High chair
2 very good condition crib mattresses
bike trailer
Contoured changing pad (never been used)
Changing table dresser
Bath seat
Safety Gate
Child proofing stuff
kids size sleeping bag (never been used)
Radio Flyer Trike
Roller Blades
NEW Pirate ship pinata
Night lights
Antique wooden baby cradle
and lots more......

and for the grown ups..
bike trainer
and other random things......

Sale will be held on our front porch rain or shine.

May 5, 2007
4336 NE 20th
Portland 97211

ISO Muzzy Language DVDs

March 02, 2007

Meliah ( meliahm@gmail.com ) asks:

I'm wondering if anyone out there has any Muzzy Language DVDs that are no longer being used at their house. I've got a six year old and an eight mo. old who I would love to expose to more language. I'd love any series in spanish, french, german or mandarin. If you have some DVDs in good condition and your kids have outgrown them, we'd definitely get some more life out of them! I can pay cash for them or I'd be more than willing to exchange some babysitting hours. Let me know what works for you!