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Portland Mama Selling Softcups

March 02, 2012

DSC_0001I have just come upon an opportunity to sell a shipment of Softcups acquired through a colleague in pharmaceutical distribution. Scientifically proven safer than tampons, you can wear 12-hour Softcups during sports, swimming, sleeping and intercourse. Anecdotally, Softcups have also reportedly been used by countless women as a fertility aid, although they are not tested or marketed for this purpose.

1 Box (14 cups) is $6.99
1 Case (18 boxes of 14/each) is $112.50

As you can see, buying in bulk reduces the price to $6.25/box. And there's NO shipping and handling in the Portland area. Bring your cash, pick them up in SE PDX and you're good to go!

In the interest of full disclosure, you can find them at drugstore.com or Wal-Mart for slightly less, but your purchase goes directly to support a local Mom rather than a corporation. All profits go DIRECTLY to my family.