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Free Nursing Bra Program

March 20, 2012

Bras2Moms is a local program that provides free nursing bras to moms who cannot afford them. Bras2Moms exists so that no mom becomes discouraged with or stops breastfeeding because she cannot afford a nursing bra. 

Donate a Bra: 

Bras2Moms can only help mommas out if we receive donated items! Donate a gently used nursing bra or tank before March 30th and be entered to win great prizes from Lil' Snippers and Coffee Revolution! Attach your name, email and phone number to each donation. Receive one entry for each item donated! Donations are also welcome any time after March 30th. 

Donations can be dropped off at Santé Mama, Denim & Frills, Pipsqueak Resale Boutique, Cotton Babies, Milagros, Kidz Cloz, Legacy Baby Boutique, and Kalama Kids Resale. Just let them know the donation is for Bras2Moms.

Receive a Bra: 

Any mom who has difficulty affording a nursing bra is eligible to receive up to two nursing bras from Bras2Moms. Fittings are held the first and third Monday of each month at Santé Mama, 113 NE 92nd Avenue, Vancouver, WA 98684. No appointment necessary and no documentation is needed. 

Volunteers Needed!

For more information email bras2moms@gmail.com, visit www.bras2moms.wordpress.com and find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/bras2moms


The Learning Tower - Donation

November 24, 2008

This is an awesome opportunity to support local business, benefit a PPS K-8 school, and get your hands on a special order Learning Tower.

Here's the scoop: Ella at Queens Mab on Killingsworth (formerly Tickled Pink) donated a Learning Tower to the Astor School auction fundraiser. It didn't sell, so we decided to post on urbanMamas to a community more likely to use The Learning Tower. The proceeds will go to Astor School, the winning bidder will get a fabulous item in the color of choice, and Ella gets to show off a very cool item she carries at the store. 

What is a Learning Tower, you ask?  The website has great information as well as the 9 (!) colors you can choose from.  http://www.mylearningtower.com/

We've listed it on ebay, with local pick-up the only option.


Please contact me with any questions: Leslie 503.381.8716

Where to Donate?

November 22, 2008

I have a lot of brand new baby blankets (all kinds, but some crocheted), brand new board books, and more. My son just cannot use all of these things. Is there a place I can donate these things (I dont want to sell them at a shop, just give). We live in SE so if there are any places specifically around here, please let me know.

Get Rid of Those Baby and Children's Clothes and Items Piling Up In Your Closets and Earn Some Extra Money

September 10, 2008

COUSINS' CLOSET infant and children CONSIGNMENT events is having a FALL SALE OCT. 24-25 at a new larger location in BEAVERTON and we're looking for CONSIGNORS.

* Register at http://cousinscloset.blogspot.com before Sept. 12 with NO PARTICIPATION FEE. After that it's only $5.00 deducted from your profit.

* Let us do all or most of the work! You price your items and keep 70% of the sale price or we'll price them for you and you still keep 50%

* We've added vendors to this sale. If you're interested in having a booth please contact us.

* We take gently used baby, kid and maternity clothes, toys, games,diaper bags, strollers, high chairs, cribs and more!

* Pickup up your unsold items at the end of the sale or we can donate them to Northwest Children’s Outreach on your behalf.

* Help us spread the word. If you're interested in fliers to hand out please let us know.

I have a couple great little tykes items to offer....

September 08, 2008

I have the most wonderful playhouse for sale..it is the around town playset! I bought it only 5 months ago. No sun fading, very nice...except the phone is missing and there is a small hole in the soccer net( just put it out there I say!) but is still very usable. I am also giving a very nice picnic table with the house. The table is little tykes as well and is perfect...no fading or anything! I do live in Clatskanie...so it may be a drive! I purchased these items at Toys R Us for $279.99 and $49.99 respectivly. I am asking for $175.00. Please feel free to shoot me an e-mail and make an offer or arrainge a time to pick it up! This won't last long...practicly brand new, hard to find used! I will be happy to send pics upon request. My e-mail is tiberonmom@yahoo.com

Medela electric double pump $35

Medela electric pump n style in black case-$35..I bought this 5 years ago and used it with both my kids..works great, don’t have the manual..but I have all the tubes, bottles and shields (some new parts in packaging) that go with it..
Please call 503-282-8899 if you have questions

Summer Sale at Clementine NW!

July 16, 2008

I am excited to announce our first big sale at the hip online boutique Clementine NW! Starting today and running through the end of August we will be offering savings of up to 40% on our stock of organic and eco-friendly products for mamas, mamas-to-be, babies and children!

We also still have Free Shipping on all of our Organic Babylegs to promote our participation in the Sew Golden contest! Also remember that with every purchase you are creating a unique and custom gift box!

Shop now, shop early to get the best deals. Supplies are limited to stock on hand.

We will also be working to change things up a bit. We will be adding more options for customization and more products for mamas and babies! You’ll just have to wait and see all of the exciting changes we have planned!

Plus, continue to check the blog for more fun giveaways and special offers throughout the sale!


Looking for a way to get rid of your baby clothes, toys, and other items? Let Cousins' Closet help you out.

June 01, 2008

Cousins' Closet is run by two sisters/moms trying to help other moms in the community.

*Let us do all or most of the work! You price your items and keep 70% of the sale price or we'll price them for you and you still keep 50%

*No Participation Fee!!

*We accept gently used baby and children’s clothes, toys, and more (Maternity clothes too!)

*Pickup up your unsold items at the end of the sale or we can donate them to Northwest Children’s Outreach on your behalf

Email us at cousinscloset@hotmail.com if you'd like to consign with us or visit http://cousinscloset.blogspot.com to learn more.

NEXT EVENT: Friday June 20th and Saturday June 21st 9AM-4PM Come ready to shop!

FREE GIFT for your next baby shower

May 14, 2008

We'd love for you to take along a pair of Arm Bibs the next time you're going to a baby shower -- really, they're on us. That's right, we'll send you a FREE pair to take to the party for the mom-to-be. Here is how it works: Send us an email with your name, location (city, state) and the date of the party -- oh and please also include the mom-to-be's name (just so we can make sure we aren't sending multiple freebies to the same party). Each week we'll draw names and let you know by email if you've won. Then we'll ship you a free pair! No obligation. Learn more at: http://www.armbibs.com/specials.html


April 05, 2008

Hello Fellow Mamas-

Allow me to introduce myself as the Creator, Chief Schlepper and Head Mom of a new Portland based company started by… me. The short story is I am a mom, I created a product, and I found a way to “mass-produce” my product for sale in the market place.

I created Arm Bib sleeve protectors for my own daughter (Eleanor) when she was first learning to feed herself. I believe in a little independent exploration, at least enough to let Eleanor dive-in and dig around. But, for my own sanity, when she was first self-feeding I needed a way to cut down on the crates of laundry…her shirt sleeves were caked in food after every meal! So I created the Arm Bib - a soft, super stretchy little sleeve that easily slips on over your baby's shirt and sweater sleeves. They let you leave the mess behind at the table. It turns out they also happen to be very handy for the Three-Year-Old-Eleanor's messy art projects. We slip-on a pair of Arm Bibs with her art-smock and let her have at it. They help hold her sleeves out of the way so she can get to work without minding where her elbows go.

Thoughtfully Produced

Arm Bib sleeves are made in North Carolina in a knitting mill that has been family-owned and in business since 1932. They are American made, start to finish (even the cotton is American grown). We paid extra to source our product responsibly. Our packaging was printed right here in Portland by a locally owned business, and you’ll notice that it contains minimal plastic. 

Local Retailers

Arm Bib sleeves come in cute (if slightly irreverent) colors inspired by food stains (ex: “Smeared Avocado” = bright green). They sell for $7.99/pair and can be found at Generations, Milagros and Bella Lulu’s boutiques. They can also be purchased online and for a limited time if you buy 2 pairs they will be shipped right to your door for FREE -- consider it a special home-delivery! www.armbibs.com

Stephanie Stewart, Founder

Up To The Elbows! Arm Bibs

Portland, OR 97215