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'Explosive Child' or 'Spirited Child' support group

Hi everyone! I'm looking to start a support group for parents of children who defy the traditional parenting techniques. I have 3 children, 10, 5 and 3. My 2 youngest are adopted and my 5 year old just beats to a different drum. Smart, loving, witty, extremely strong-willed, and challenging. She continues to be in play therapy, we've been through PCIT (parent child interaction therapy), and I myself have a therapist who focuses on attachment. What I'm missing is face to face time with other parents that are also dealing with strong willed children. Books I gravitate toward are, Raising your Spirited Child, The Explosive Child, Easy to Love Difficult to Dicipline, and kids parents and power struggles. All these techniques in these books require a great deal of patience and practice and it can be very daunting and overwhelming at times when you're up against enormous temper tantrums and frequent oppositional behaviors. But with a community of others who are familiar with parenting the children that don't alter their behaviors with, time outs, time in's, 1:1 mom / dad time, behavioral charts, choices, etc. That support could be invaluable to being the parents our kids need us to be. I'm looking for a support group that could possibly meet weekly, our struggles happen often in a day, a weekly group would help me keep focused on being the best parent I can be. We could focus on independent goals or a group one, then support through the rough patches and celebrate the positive ones. I live close in SE, a friend that is also interested in participating lives in Beaverton. We could switch off meeting at one anothers homes, or somewhere in the community. Warmly, Shelley Shelcarmichael@yahoo.com


Try the Ananda center in Beaverton on Watson. They have the Living Wisdom School which teaches Concious Discipline.
Working great for our 'explosive' children!
Good luck! Ashley

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