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I'm moving to Portland in July and expecting a baby in early September. We'll have health coverage through Kaiser. Any recommendations for OBs within the network? I've only been to private practices before and am not sure how it works at Kaiser. Would I see any number of OB's for prenatal and deliver with the doctor who is on call that day? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Hi. I wanted to let you know that I had an excellent experience with Kaiser for my prenatal visits and the birth of our daughter. I am a high risk pregnancy, so my experience might be different from a "normal" pregnancy. I did see an OB for my regular prenatal checkups, I also saw a perinatologist as needed. Both my OB and my perinatologist were excellent (same nurse/doctor each visit). Labor was also a good experience, but you are not guaranteed to see your regular OB while in the hospital. MY OB did not do deliveries, but it sounds like it is possible that your OB, could also be your delivery doctor if they happen to be on duty when you go into labor. My understanding is that the doctor who is on duty, is on duty. They are at the hospital focused on deliveries, and deliveries only. I hope this helps. Good luck.

I am with Kaiser as well and I LOVE LOVE my midwife Geri Cullers, she works out of the interstate office but delivers at Sunnyside. She is FANTASTIC!

I have kaiser and have a one year old daughter. I really enjoy my Doctor, Dr Kathy stewert. You can have for your prenatel a midwife or a doctor. At delivery I saw both the doctor on duty and the midwife, though of course you see your l and d nurse the most! We had a great experience and we are expecting again with more great attention. They also have kaiser doulas if that's your thing and birth classes. The lactation specialists and mother baby program was also great. I called in with lots of questions the first time or emailed my doctor and found everyone very helpful and attentive. I prefer going to Sunnyside to mt talbert got my prenatel, nicer space than north interstate in my opinion. Lots and lots of birthing options from the tub to shower to ball to full pain coverage (my preference). Great great experience!

Geri Cullers is wonderful!

I am also looking for recommendations in the Kaiser network for a midwife and doctor during pregnancy. Hoping to connect with a doctor that is supportive of a natural birth in a hospital setting. Any referrals would be greatly appreciated! Will definitely look up Geri Cullers.

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