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how to be an effective and connected parent, without punishments or rewards!



Connected Parenting

This class focuses on the primacy of connection in parenting children of all ages, and on parenting effectively without punishments or rewards.  Look deeply past difficult behaviors to discover the underlying needs of our children (and ourselves), and begin to use concrete tools to respond to parenting challenges.  

This two and a half hour class covers most aspects of connected parenting, including respectful limit setting, developmental norms, listening to feelings and many practical ideas about what to do instead of being either an authoritarian or a permissive parent. 

Incorporates concepts from the work of Alfie Kohn (Unconditional Parenting), Dr. Gordon Neufeld (Hold on to Your Kids), Lawrence J. Cohen (Playful Parenting), Pam Leo (Connection Parenting), Dr. Dan Siegel (Parenting from the Inside Out), Dr. Ross Greene (The Explosive Child), and many others, as well as the varied professional and personal experience of the facilitator.

Saturday, August 13th, 2011 from 2-4:30pm in NE Portand

Cost: $25 per person - SLIDING SCALE AVAILABLE - includes booklet of articles and resources

Childcare available onsite - reserve your spot now ($5 -10 suggestion donation, snacks provided).

just click the PAYPAL button at the bottom of the page, or email Emily at emtroper@earthlink.net with any questions, or to pay by mail.

Facilitated by: 
Emily Troper, ECE
Early Childhood Educator and Mother of 4

"We were motivated, energized, supported and became far more positive in our approach with our 3 year old. We immediately saw some results."  Lisa  

"I really loved the fact that both Lyla and Emily are *in the trenches* so to speak and the class felt very community oriented." A. 

"These are ladies who know their stuff and are clearly passionate about sharing it with others." P.



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