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Change your skin, change your life!


Two pregnancies left me with splotchy melasma all over my face.  Many products, facials and trips to the dermatologists later, I'm thrilled to have found products that work.  The Doctors who created Proactiv have a new company, Rodan + Fields Dermatologists. It used to be the #1 clinical skin brand in Nordstrom, but they figured out they were selling like hotcakes because people like us bought it, fell in love with the products, then told everyone we knew. That's when they made the brilliant decision to move the company to direct selling, the first big retail brand to ever do so.
That was just two years ago, and most of the country is still completely untapped. So I'm thrilled to announce that Rodan + Fields has come to Portland! I'm launching this market, so bring me your blemishes, sun damage, sensitive skin and, by all means, your wrinkles. In fact, the Doctors are committed to owning the aging skincare market with the first real over-the-counter solution that produces results that rival or beat expensive and invasive in-office procedures. Our new, patent-pending AMP MD Anti-Aging System that was featured on the Today show as a "must-have for anti-aging in 2011" and is up for an Allure Magazine "Beauty Breakthrough" Award. Visit www.bestspentminute.com to learn more.
I'd love to help you get the best skin of your life, so contact me so I can help you determine what the Doctors recommend for your skin. All products come in 2-month supplies and with a 60-day money-back guarantee. And I can hook you up with 10% off and free shipping.
I'm also committed to growing a team of dynamos to launch the Pacific Northwest with me. See, this time around, the Doctors aren't using celebrities like Jessica Simpson to market their products. Our clinically proven, award-winning skincare is only available through people like me, a stay-at-home mom of two little boys who teaches an occasional parenting class and wants to spend part-time hours building substantial residual income. So I'd love to be connected with those you know who are self-motivated, love people, are coachable, have 15 hours a week. My team is being coached by the top recruiter in the company and former Seattleite, Romi Neustadt.   Romi will help us meet the demand in the Rose City and beyond, and for those of us interested, will help us replicate what's she's done -- built a multiple six-figure income in less than 2 years working from home around her two little kids. 
I have a generous Referral Rewards Program: anyone you send my way who becomes a Preferred Customer or a Consultant earns you free product!  And we're having an exclusive launch event in a couple weeks, so please contact me if you'd like a spot on the guest list. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Scotti Weintraub, Executive Consultant
Rodan+Fields Dermatologists
email: scotti_c[at]yahoo[dot]com



I'd love to help you get the best skin of your life, so contact me so I can help you determine what the Doctors recommend for your skin. All products come in 2-month supplies and with a 60-day money-back guarantee

These are really helpful natural tips. Its very hard to get rid of head lices, I was so sick of it and thought the only way to get rid of them is get bald.. But, thanks to http://headlicenomore.com book by Evelin. Its really helpful and I am glad I didn't have to get bald. Anyway, Someone told me that coconut oil isn't good for hairs, is that true? or just rumors?

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