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Genevieve's Natural Housecleaning

Visit my website: genevievesnaturalcleaning.com

My Customers Can Expect

Professional, dependable service

Environmentally-friendly cleaning products

Use of appropriate cleaning products on sensitive surfaces such as marble, granite, wood and stainless steel

All client’s keys and security alarm codes are secure and confidential


Regular Cleaning 


In Every Room

Furniture, knick-knacks, pictures dusted

Floors swept or vacuumed 

Entry floors washed

Rooms tidied

Beds made



Sinks, faucets, and counters cleaned and polished

Table and chairs wiped off



Bathtub, sink and toilets cleaned and sanitized

Floors washed

Mirrors and fixtures cleaned

Cabinets cleaned


Other Services Include

Washing walls 

Interior windows

Refrigerator and oven cleaning

Ceiling fans, fixtures and beams dusted

Tile and grout cleaning

Laundry services


Household Management Services 


Pet and Plant Care

Walking dogs

Feeding pets

Washing dogs

Dog, cat, fish, parrot-sitting and housesitting

Watering houseplants


Home Organization

Filing paperwork

Organizing cluttered areas: Laundry Room, Closets, Home Office

Sorting mail


Aromatherapy Cleaning

Services Coming Soon!




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I like this article, your opinion very accord with my values.

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