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Drop-in Groups for New Parents Coming! Web of Life needs your help!

Web of Life logoWeb of Life is a hub of unbiased, impartial support for growing families. We are set to open in early November 2010 in SE Portland.

We are starting with 'a la carte' childbirth prep workshops (not your typical 4-6 week long classes) and facilitated drop-in groups for new parents during daytime and evening hours.

To get this baby off the ground, we need your help!


We are looking for interested and credentialed health care practitioners (infant development specialist, pediatrician, nurse, midwife)  to lead and facilitate age-based drop in groups for new parents.  We are also offering a sleep issues group and will add more as there is demand. The idea is that parents of 0-3 month old babies (and 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12 months) can come to Web of Life and ask this practitioner any question pertaining to development or challenges.  Each parent/family will be asked to pay a suggested $10 donation for participating.  Group leaders will be compensated for their time.  Please send all suggestions and inquiries to info@weboflife.com.

All of our program descriptions, dates, and times are on our web site.  Pre-registration is only required for childbirth prep workshops and our GPS (Groups for early Parenthood Support) structured programs.


To subsidize the cost of our programs, provide access to all families regardless of ability to pay,  and to fairly compensate our group leaders, we are partnering with other businesses and our community. Donations are an essential part of keeping Web of Life going.  In order to increase access to well-researched and unbiased information for new families, we intend to have one location in each quadrant of Portland by Fall 2011.


Please share with others that Web of Life exists, is launching, and promises to fill support gaps in Portland's new parent community.  We can be found on Facebook and we also have an email list! 

Web of Life will be opening in SE Portland at 3434 SE Milwaukie Ave, across from Brooklyn Park in The Warehouse: a cafe, food buying club, and community. All inquiries can be sent to Kelly Schneyer, Executive Director,  (503) 449-5296 or info@weboflifepdx.com.

Thanks for your support!  We can't wait to launch!


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