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It's Fix a Leak Week - learn how to fix a leak

Are you still ignoring the drip, drip, drip of that leaky faucet ? You know you should fix it but where do you start?

In recognition of Fix a Leak Week, start by visiting the Portland Water Bureau’s Web site for information on fixing basic toilet and faucet leaks. Or, if your fixture requires replacement, hire a professional to install a WaterSense-labeled model. WaterSense fixtures are 20 percent more water-efficient than average products and are independently tested for performance.

Did you know that in an average household 22 gallons of water are lost to leakage each day costing $80 in annual water and sewer charges? This daily leakage volume is about equal to the amount of drinking water a family of 3 needs for two full weeks! The Environmental Protection Agency’s Fix a Leak Week exists as an important yearly reminder to Americans to check their plumbing fixtures and irrigation systems for these costly leaks.

Order toilet leak detection tablets and other water conservation devices by calling (503) 823-4527 or visiting the Portland Water Bureau’s Web site.


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