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Do you love your Britax Frontier?

I am in the process of finding a new carseat for my son. He will be 4 in November but is only 30lbs, 39 inches. I've read tons of reviews on the britax frontier and they seem to be mixed. What attracted to me to this carseat is the 5 pt. harness that can be used until your child is 80lbs! But since the reviews seem to be mixed I want to know what YOU mamas think. Invest in the Frontier? Or move to a regular booster in the next year? And when have YOU moved your child to a booster?


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We had those big Britax seats and I thought my boys would ride in them until 80 lbs. I was stoked at how safe they would be!! But to be real honest, after they were about 4 1/2 years old, they kind of looked silly. They complained about their big, dorky seats. The seats were so cumbersome to take in/out of the car. After lots of inner struggle about feeling like I would be putting them at risk in just a regular old booster, I went ahead and made the switch, and I'm glad that I did. Instead of just using the base part of the booster, we do still have the back part of the booster on (they are 5) and that definitely helps the seatbelt stay in the appropriate place. And they were really happy about it. :)

I have wondered how my kids will react as they get older as well, but we just bought the Sunshine Kids Radian 80 for both of them anyway. It's the 5 pt. harness and will last until 80 pounds as well. They are also one of the narrowest seats (maybe the narrowest?) on the market, so you can fit three across in a regular car (that's why we got them). It was $189 (not sure how that compares to the Britax) but might be another option.

Check out the Graco Nautilus. That is what we got. It is similar to the Frontier, but less expensive, the harness only goes to 60 lbs, but then it can be used as a booster, with or without the back to 100 lbs. Best of both worlds! you can have the safety of the 5 point harness a bit longer, but then take the harness off and have a booster. You really should keep him in a harness at least to 40lbs. BTW my daughter is 5 and 39 lbs and doesn't complain at all about her seat(she loves the cup holder!)

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