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One Room at a Time

Hi, this is Hiromi Ogawa from hiromi ogawa architects.  We've been looking forward to telling you about our new service, One Room at a Time, but it's been a super busy summer (which is a good thing!) and so, here's a summary of what we want you to know.

One Room at a Time is a turn-key, fast-track, design-build service where we transform a room (or two) for instant gratification.  We have teamed up with a great builder to provide a one stop shop for you to get your project done quickly and easily.  The response has been great, especially since we establish a hard cap on the budget, and then work backwards from there; we're only doing as much as you can afford, not a penny more.

kitchen - before

You know what I'm talking about - that bonus room you've wanted, the kitchen that needs a facelift, an unfinished basement or attic with so much potential.  And you keep hoping that you'll have time next weekend to work on it, right?  Maybe you think the project is too small or the budget too tight for a builder, much less an architect?

kitchen - after
kitchen - after

Well, let me tell you a little bit about our approach.  My lifelong motto for practicing architecture has been to make the world a beautiful place, one room at a time.  I feel it is my responsibility as an architect to ensure that everyone has access to good design expertise.  Small decisions (what paint color?  Which window manufacturer?  Where to go to buy a light fixture?) add up to define the quality of your space.  We've been shopping around, accumulating a resource library, drawing details, refining room layouts for our entire design career, so that we can help you with those decisions.  In order to make our services more user-friendly, and make the whole process easier to approach, we decided to package our services with a dedicated contractor.  You establish the budget, and we help you streamline design and construction, every step of the way.  The projects are small enough that we can go from our first design meeting to move-in ready in a few weeks.  We can even time the construction so that you are on vacation while it happens.  We meet, we draw, we build, and PRESTO!  You are done!

bathroom - before

The recession may have put your bigger dreams on hold, but that just means you need a little sanctuary in your house - a room you love - now more than ever, to escape the gloomy economy, and the colder months ahead.  Your quality of life could greatly improve by having one beautiful room in your house for you and your family, a place where you can (finally!) entertain your friends and be yourself.

Hiromi_06bathroom - after

It only sounds like a sales pitch because I am not very eloquent at telling you how much I believe in spreading good design.  Good architecture is for everyone.  And we want you to have it, one room at a time.  Give us a call or send us an email, and let's get started!

Hiromi Ogawa Architects :: 107 SE Washington Street Suite 150 :: Portland, OR 97214

tel: 503-477-7075 :: email: info@hiromiogawa.com :: www.hiromiogawa.com


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If anyone out there is questioning whether to do a remodel or otherwise secure the services of an architect, I encourage you to give Hiromi a call. My husband and I are currently working with her on an addition to our house and I can't tell you how pleased we've been with her work. Hiromi and her staff know how to stay true to a budget, provide excellent design expertise, and follow through on every detail. Plus she's a fellow mama and is super easy to work with!

Looks nice, and interesting too. it can save time and can give proper results. thank you for sharing this.

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