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Looking for your used toddler boy shoes...

Our family is on very tight budget and were surprised to find just how much a new pair of shoes for our soon-to-be-walking little boy might cost.  Yikes!  I brought him into Stride Rite to have his feet measured so that I could be on the lookout at local thrift shops.  His feet measured at about a 5/5.5 wide or extra-wide.  We are hoping to spend $20.00 or less.  Please let us know if you might have a pair of shoes to sell.  We live in SE Portland.  Thanks!


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we might have some shoes for you. they are not
wides, but maybe they would work? my son just out grew them. i think theres a few pairs. email me if you're interested, and i could give you more info. :)

I've got some sneakers too- you can email me
at kristengshaffer@yahoo.com

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