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Do you need any suits?

Hey Mamas! I heard from Leah that I somehow missed out on a little naked mama action. Totally sad. I admittedly have not been keeping as close an eye on the blog as usual. Anyway, hopefully I can make it to the next one. In the meantime, I have 4 beautiful suits that have been hanging on my racks for too long. I don't want to drive around trying to sell them, and I'm too lazy to try and sell them on ebay (photos, measurements, posting, etc., etc.).

So- I want to give them to someone! Is it you? They were not MY suits. I sell vintage/contemporary clothes at a local shop as a side project, so my basement has become a miniature warehouse of fun clothes. some things i can sell, some things i can't, and some things are really hard to just give to Goodwill if they don't sell (like these suits).

I will provide brief descriptions, and if you're interested, email me and i can give you more detail:

3 of the suits are skirt suits. These are all vintage suits in good-to-excellent condition. 2 of them are a light brown/tweed color, and one of them is a thick (gorgeous) navy blue wool suit. they are all seriously beautiful and well made. Each one has a very stylish cut. I think they'd fit a medium - probably about a size 6-10ish.

The 4th suit is a buttery ivory silk pantsuit from Bloomingdale's, with beaded lapels on the jacket and a beaded stripe down the outer leg of the pants - like a tuxedo stripe. it is beautiful! I would guess this one is from 1990-1994. The tag says it is a size 14 - though it looks a bit smaller than that. I think sizes were smaller in previous decades. this suit is also in good-to-excellent condition.

I would love to give these to someone who could use them!



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Give them to me ...haha

I would like to vist your palce

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