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"spirited" difficult? child support group for parents

I am looking for or will help start a support group  for parents who have exhausting children of all kinds. My son is 4 and fits the "Spirited" child personality. I'd like to get ideas and support from other parents.
Also looking for playdate opportunities so that he can work on his social skills with other kids.


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I too have a "spirited" child. She is 18-months and at any outing, is always the most active one in the bunch....more so then any of the boys, etc. She's a happy, thriving child but is on the go every minute of every day (unless sleeping). Would love connect.

I have 2 spirited children. My oldest was shopping with me when I received the kind question of "have you read the book 'How to raise your spirited child'? I was so happy to know of this book. Since purchasing it I have realized that by definition, both of my children are considered 'spirited', just different parts of the definition.

Would love to connect with a parent group.

Did this ever get put together? thanks. I sure could use a group.

I have a Spirited 6 year old boy. We live in San Jose, CA. I'd appreciate finding an online or a local support group if possible. I'll keep reading and appling all that I can but I'm just exhausted dealing with my son.

i'm exhausted too, mentally and physically. most people just don't get what a "spirited" child is. boy does mine have spirit.....

i'm local to portland, and am interested in starting something both online and in person.

I too have a spirited child who is 5 years old. I would love to connect with other mothers that must have the same challenges that I face

I live in PDX and am desparete to find other parents of highly spirited children. I have a just-turned four year old, and have so many questions.....

It sounds like there are enough of us moms needing support with our spirited kids that an organized online group could be helpful (I see five posting in the last four months, not counting mine...). I'll create an email account - highspiritkid@yahoo.com - and if you are interested, email me from an address that we'll add to a group list. Or, a Twitter forum might work too. Either way, email if you're interested and we can try to put something helpful together.

I tried accessing the email account given by LisaK, but nothing showed up. Am I on the wrong track? I will start a group if that's what needs to be done. Somebody write back please!

I tried to email LisaK a few weeks ago and also got nothing back.
Let's just start another group.
Any other mommies out there exhausted like I am and interested in connecting??

I created a yahoo group:

Please feel free to join mamma's. Let's get some coffee and chat!

Hi there,
I went a few weeks without checking my account - sorry! I'm still on for opening up a group site. I just tried to check the mommaneedsanap's yahoo group site but the link doesn't work. (Is that the correct link? Was anyone else able to access it?)

It seemed to make sense to go with one already set up, but I am willing to open one as well. I will also check my inbox more often :)

P.S. mammaneedsanap, I don't think I got an email from you - though it sounds like you tried to send one. Not sure what happened there...

I just realized it may have been mammaneedsanap that I heard from, but not wornoutmum...in any case I only received one email, though I'm not sure whose tag it was from. Mammaneedsanap, let me know if your group is up, and how to access it. Thanks!

Hi Lisa, that address should read: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SpiritedKidsPDX/
Sorry for the confusion everyone!

I started that a couple weeks ago but haven't been able to put a lot of time into it. Hopefully we can get some things organized for this month and get it rolling.
Let me know if you have any ideas on where to get together. My little one is 1 year and I'm fairly un familiar with much of Portland, especially great spots for kiddo's.


I have a very spirited 3 1/2 yr old little boy. I have read the book raising your Spirited Child and am currently working on the work book. I would love to share with some other mothers my experiance's. It is very hard some days. I have tried to join the Yahoo Group but have not heard anything back yet. I would love to hear from somebody.

My teaching partner and I are putting together a parenting spirited/explosive children support group. We have been facilitating Connected Parenting classes for several years and both have a lot of personal experience with high-need kids as well. Please contact Lyla at lylaw@comcast.net for more information or check the Zenana Spa and Wellness Center website.
For more about parenting without punishments or rewards join our Connected Parenting intro class tomorrow evening at Milagros!

I am a mom of a 3 1/2 year old spirited little boy. I would love to find a group to talk about what is working with other spirited kids. I find that I miss that connection with my friends because they just don't understand that parenting a spirited child is different. I would love to find some "peers"! Please let me know if a group is up and going somewhere in PDX.

Hello there! Did anyone get a group going? I just moved to Portland a month ago and would really, really love to meet some moms who are dealing with the same issues I am. If there is anyone "out there" please email me at haririrealtor@gmail.com

YES PLEASE! A support group with expert experienced advice is what I would love to see! I am the director of Swapnplay and can offer our space to meet if needed. I have a spirited 4 year old and am looking for tools and support.
dre davey

12 months ago, I found out that my extremely spirited child has sensory issues. I discovered there's some crossover support and tools available for non-SPD spirited kids. SPDConnect.com has some good info online and local seminars, as well as a Facebook page, which I've found great for support. There's another Facebook group called "High Need Child/High Spirited Child" that you can ask to join as well.

hello - i have a very spirited, persistent and sweet 3 1/2 year old boy. i'm looking to connect and meet with other mamas of spirited children to support one another. i live in NE portland and would love to meet up around there if possible.
warmly, lindsay


Hello, I have a spirited child and took The Nurtured Parent Parenting Class, it was great and so helpful! It is run by the directors of Wild Lilac (www.wildlilac.org) one is a trained social worker/teacher and the other a teacher. Last I heard they are in the process of starting a support group too.

Please, please let me know if a support group comes about. I'm in tears right now and exhausted over my son.

Hi all, I too have a spirited child (3 years old) and would love to join this support group. Please let me know if a group has been established.

I know the last post was quite some time ago but I have a 3 year old son who is possibly being kicked out of preschool!

I would also love to connect. Any groups or classes out there? Help!

I would love to no about support groups

Is there anyone in San Jose that would want to connect or start a group? I would love some support with my spirited 3 year old!!

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