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Seeking PT Nanny or nanny-share for 18 month old, SE PDX, starting in July

Looking for a part time nanny or preferably nanny share situation in SE Portland. We live in South Tabor at 77th Ave and Clinton. We could host a share at our house which has a big fenced yard and lots of space and light, BUT since i will be working from home, doing it at the other home would be easier. Ideally we'd like child care for 3 days a week from 8:30ish -5ish, tuesdau, wed, thurs. Days of the week are flexible but would ideally be consistent.

Our son Raymond is 18 months old and a similarly aged child would be ideal for playing/learning. He is a typical smiley little tyke. Loves having books read to him and roving around the yard and the park. We avoid screen time for him. He has no allergies and eats like a champ. We would consider a private nanny if we can't find a share but Ray would like being around another kid. He naps from about 12:30-3 right now and naps best in a quiet, dark space, so that would have to be worked out with the other kid/s.

If this sounds like a match for anyone, please email me and we can exchange phone numbers. Thank you!

Kyla Tanaka






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