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nanny share foster/Powell space available summer $8.50 p/h

Hello Mamas (And Papas, as the case may be),

I am writing today on behalf of our sweet little Foster-Powell nanny-share, as things are changing up a bit and we have 1 spot available coming this July! Our dear nanny Solstice lovingly cares for four children (presently 3 at a time) in her clean and creative home. Below are some words from Ms. Sol, but as a mother who's been lucky to have Solstice care for our son since he was 5 months old (he is now 26 months), I would like to share how wonderful Solstice's care is. Her approach is informal/relaxed while also very interactive, educational, and highly individualized. She listens to the needs of each family and works with parents to enhance whatever routine/lessons/needs each child has so there is continuity between home and childcare. She is very flexible (so helpful!) while maintaining the utmost integrity and dependability in schedules. She has created a wonderful space in her home, and her care feels more like a fun auntie's home than a traditional daycare. She speaks predominantly Spanish to the kids presently, but this is flexible as well! Her rates are also very competitive at $8.50/hour. 

Presently, we are looking for one child to join for 1-2 days/week. Available days are M, T,  & Friday afternoons. Solstice is also available for date nights and weekends, so she really is such an incredible support on so many levels. Our little family, and all current families, cannot recommend her enough! We hope to meet your little one(s) soon! 

Please contact: 

Solstice Barba: (415) 377-2711   toujourshadow@gmail.com
If you are interested, Solstice can provide all current family contact info for stellar references. 

A few words from Solstice: 

I am so happy to be looking forward to meeting new friends as I have just said goodbye to an original team member of my nanny share. I offer a casual nanny share situation in my home and its dynamic is stellar. It both encompasses the advantages of a private nanny for your child while at the same time also reaping the benefits of peer play without the distractions of an overwhelmingly large group. The nanny share context is also very budget-friendly. I have been providing child care for over a decade now and my experiences range from private nanny to large summer camps, from nanny share to au pair, from my mom's daycare helper to home tutor and many more contexts in between. I care for children of all ages and I am available Monday and Tuesday from 8-5 and Fridays after noon. 

Currently, I care for 4 children under the age of 4 and no more than 4 children in one day since I work alone. My home has a fenced back yard with patio deck and myself, my partner and 2 kitties are its only residents. I currently provide Spanish immersion to the children whose parents wish me to do so. Child care is my true vocation and my fulfillment comes from making my little friends happy everyday. I have a personal approach of seeing each child as unique but all children grow from smiles so my daily duty is to have fun! I deeply believe having fun is vital to a child's positive growth. I keep fluid daily schedules that include open play, storytime, yoga, school time, choir practice, dance party, creative workshop, outside tumbling, promenades, baking class, and more. I believe this small group dynamic of intimate care with friendship and play from other children allows them to thrive and flourish with each other and with me too! I consider my approach an immersion of Montessori, Waldorf and Reggio Emilia styles. My rate for full time families is 8.50$ an hour per child for two days and $9 an hour for one day. References may be given upon meeting. 

A little more about myself...I am from San Francisco! I'm a graduate of UC Berkeley with a degree in liberal arts. I am a devout yoga student and also teach kids yoga at my studio. I am an avid world traveler and yet its strange that my warmest comfort comes from being home :) I welcome any background checks and I get CPR certified annually, and of course, I am a non-smoker. I am fluent in Spanish and conversational French. There is no television in my home and the only entertainment apparatus we use is my record player for dance and music time. I have an excellent education and many other work experiences such as tutoring English as a second language and crisis counseling, but it's the little ones that make me smile each day when I go to work. I put the same high expectations on myself that I expect other families to put on me. Each child is unique and I am attentive to differences when they arise. It is a strength of mine to be creative when confronting a problem. Sometimes children get restless or frustrated with sharing, or have difficulty communicating their desires, or just don't want to eat their veggies! It's important to not execute anger or negative energy to solve these situations. Love, patience, and innovation will help children much faster and more positively then any frown or holler I believe. I actually grew up in a daycare and my mother was the owner. I am eternally grateful to her. Thank you for your time and I look forward to meeting  you and your little one(s)!


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