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Sweet River Bamboo Preschool & Nursery is a LifeWays and Waldorf inspired program nurturing the spirit of childhood. Located in NE Portland, we are a predominantly Waldorf program and take inspiration from Montessori and Reggio philosophies to create an environment that is well balanced and suited to the social/emotional development of the young  child.  

A year round program, we are a small and mindful group of 2 teachers and 8 children from 18m-kindergarten ready. Enrollment options are for one, two, or three days a week:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 8:30a-12:30p. or 8:45a-2:45p.

Held in a loving home surrounded by beauty and toys made of natural materials, a gentle rhythm carries children through open play, song circles, outside adventures (we are right by Oregon Park!) and rest. Painting, arts and crafts and baking are other activities we do together weekly. Influenced greatly by nature's rhythm, acknowledgment of and festive celebrations of the seasons are a big deal at Sweet River Bamboo! 

Lead Teacher Sara (Sahra) is a Waldorf inspired teacher with 20 years of childcare experience with children of all ages. Her time with children has taught her how to slow down, find playful moments in every activity, and to stay present, loving and kind. Sara has learned that encouraging creativity and being out in nature daily is imperative for the well being of children (and adults!) She has observed that placing children in mixed age environments that are warm and loving is immensely helpful in aiding their ability to learn, thrive and grow securely and whole heartedly. Sara brings warmth, creativity, intention and love to the children in her care and holds a nourishing container for the preschool group as a whole. Sara's multi cultural and multi lingual background and years of extensive world travel bring a nice flavor to the school. Her decade long exploration of psychology, dance and various forms of mindful movement practices influence the curriculum greatly. 

Space is limited as we keep our group small.  Please contact Sara at 503-432-6414 or saralizadeh@hotmail.com with your interest and questions. A complete overview of the program, including tuition rates, will be provided via email at your request. 

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Thank you for considering this magical program for your child!



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