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Hello! I am an experienced nanny looking for a new position as I move from Seattle to Portland. I am seeking a nanny share position for about ~30 hours/wk beginning in June! I have worked as a fulltime professional nanny since June 2013. During this time period I have formed lasting and deep relationships with the wonderful families I have worked for!

My childcare philosophy draws from RIE, Montessori, and attachment/gentle parenting. I've primarily worked with toddlers and infants, and I am continually amazed by their curiosity, compassion, intelligence, and energetic awareness! I believe in treating children with respect, honoring their innate wisdom, and doing my own internal work so that I can be the most compassionate and loving caregiver possible. I’m a big believer in natural and unassisted motor development, supporting independent play, teaching consent early, giving children the space to figure things out on their own (you won’t see me demonstrating how to use a toy!), involving even young children in daily tasks around the house such as cooking and cleaning, and holding supportive emotional containers for big toddler emotions.

I am familiar with Montessori philosophies, Waldorf pedagogy, RIE tenants, baby led weaning, babywearing, cloth diapering, elimination communication, gentle sleep training, co-sleeping, extended breastfeeding, and alternative pediatric medicine. I also work as a birth doula and am in the midst of my postpartum doula certification.

If you are interested in speaking further, please email me at es.whrit@icloud.com



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