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Announcing New Options For Families

Pea Pod’s Family Co-op Playschool is now offering a tiered monthly fee structure in an effort to provide options to those families who want to be part of our co-op community, but do not have the time necessary to do so. As part of this new structure, everyone contributes in a way that works best for their family. Some provide their time, some their talent, and some their treasure. As part of this new pricing structure, Pea Pod will hire a Parent Coach who will attend each day. The Parent Coach will provide a consistent face in the playroom, will act as lead Parent-on-Duty, keep the group to the schedule, lead circle time, model conflict resolution and parenting skills, assist with opening and closing duties, and attend monthly meetings. Having a parent coach present will be an indispensible parenting resource to those who will be working shift, by providing these parents with a hands-on learning experience to daily challenges. There are a limited number of slots in each tier. Prices are as follows:

3Day Program for children 2-3.5 years

$200/mo   (shift and committee work)

$300/mo    (shift only/no committee work)

$485/mo     (no shift/no committee work)

Visit www.peapodpdx.org for more info.

Contact: membership@peapodpdx.org to schedule a visit.


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