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Nanny needed for evening work M-F in NE Pdx. Updated pay info!


Amazing nanny sought for evening care of 2 little girls, 5 days a week in Sabin neighborhood.

Your evenings with us will look like this:
Starting around 4pm, prepare food and do a quick tidy up, then collect our two girls (18 months and 3 1/2) from 2 nearby daycare locations around 5pm in our family car, feed them, hang out and play, bathe the kids every other day and get in pjs ready for parents getting home around 7pm. 
Key qualities in the person we are looking for: 
Warm, fun, level-headed personality with excellent, upfront communication skills and a flexible attitude. 
Be excited about joining in with imaginative play, dance parties and telling stories, have strategies for encouraging picky kids to enjoy their food and be skilled at diffusing fraught tempers and games that get too rough. 
Humor and the ability to keep your cool will be critical tools in your armory! 
Nuts and bolts: 
Experience caring for siblings/ multiple children; experience with young toddlers to pre-schoolers; clean driving license; first aid trained; great references. Pay is negotiable. 2 weeks off over Christmas, one week off at the end of July, most national holidays off, other holidays negotiable. 
We would love to find someone who likes keeping their space generally tidy, is happy to throw on a load of laundry a few times a week, and if you enjoy cooking enough so that mom and dad can skip having to make our own supper a couple nights a week that would be a huge bonus!
We don't yet have a start date locked down but it will be within the next 2-4 months. We're starting our search early in the hope of finding a mega star who will become part of our family for years to come.
If this could be you please get in touch - alice.bird@gmail.com
Alice, Matt, Bonnie and Eloise.


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