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Looking for a Second Child for a Private Waldorf Preschool Class

We have a very sensitive sensory girl who is 4.5 and who does not do well in preschool because of the number of children.  Her last preschool teacher (a certified Waldorf teacher) offered to host a two hour, once per week preschool session for her and one other child.  This teacher and her preschool are absolutely amazing!  We are looking for one other child between the ages of 3 and 5 who would join us for this adventure.  Maybe another sensory child like her who struggles with larger groups of children.  Or, a non-sensory child who is quiet and would like the opportunity to experience a beautiful Waldorf school once per week.

We would meet for two hours on Thursday afternoons.  The preschool is on Mt. Scott. 

Please contact Heather at hblankenheim@gmail.com if you are interested.


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