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Hey, mamas! Our sweet nanny is moving on and we are left in a tough spot of trying to find another loving caretaker within two weeks. We are open to having someone in our home again, sharing someone else's awesome nanny, daycare, etc. The most we can pay and this would be for an in-home caretaker, would be $13/hour (employer taxes are insane!). We know this isn't top dollar but it's balanced by incredibly easy kids and we pay even for our time away when we are out of town. Our schedule "was" Mon - Wed 8:15 - 6:15 and we'd love to have this schedule again. We also have our sweet 10 year old with us every other week (share time with her dad). Please let us know if you or an amazing care provider you know is accepting 14 month old little one. tskili2003@yahoo.com


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