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Looking for PT SE Nanny share or nanny interested in share

Hello! My family and I are moving to Portland (the SE Buckman neighborhood) in April from Berkeley California and I'm looking for a PT nanny share or to start up a share with another family and nanny. I'm looking for the hours of 8:30am -12:30pm with some flexibility. I'm a writer and filmmaker and looking to find care for my 6 month old little one while my 6 year old is at school.  Able to pay between (10-12 an hour ). Looking forward to getting to know Portland. Interested families, nannies and nanny shares feel free to contact me at feminapotens@gmail.com . 


Madison Mogul 


Since you're coming from California, I feel obligated to point out that childcare workers, who are subject to the FLSA, must be paid the minimum wage - which in the Portland metro is increasing to $11.25 on July 1st this year. Adjust your childcare budget accordingly; only part of the wage range you're offering is legal as of July 2nd.



The $10-12 is in reference to what each parent would pay in the nanny share making the nanny's total pay in the $20-24 an hour range.

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