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Hi! We recently hired a fantastic nanny and are looking to share care with another family; we have an almost 3 year old (November birthday) girl and a 4 month old girl (born in June). We are located in NE Portland (Rose City Park) and would be looking to share care up to 4 days a week, generally between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm. 

A little about us- We are working parents- my husband is in sales and I'm a policy analyst with a local non-profit- of an active, curious and happy toddler. Our 4 month old is already an easy second- mellow and goes with the flow of her older sister! We eat healthy (but are not overly organic and allow some sugar in her diet), encourage outside play, limit screen time and do maintain daily routines as much as possible. We do have a 6 year old black lab that thinks he is one of the "girls". 

We are happy to share care between our homes or host the share. Our nanny is kind, very warm towards the girls, engages them in appropriate play (she brings her own bag of goodies, including books, wraps for infants etc.) and is very comfortable with our routine. She is a graduate of the NW Nannies Institute and can provide references/information upon request. 

We are looking for a family that would be looking for similar hours of care (with the possibility that could use the nanny on the 5th day if need full time care), has a toddler close in age to our toddler (may consider more than 1 child) and is willing to pay between $10-12/hour for shared care, with taxe s deducted (can show you how to do that!). 

If you are interested and would like to explore sharing care with us, please email Danielle at thesobes at gmail.com. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Hi! I'm looking for a nanny share 3 days a week for our twin boy's. They are 16 months old and super sweet. We live in N Portland and willing to offer our home part of the time for nanny share. Would caring for 4 kiddos be too much for your nanny?

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