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Waldorf Inspired Teacher Guided Nanny Share/Adventure Group Has Wednesday Morning Openings!

Hi There!  


My name is Sara pronounced (Sahra) and I am a Waldorf inspired teacher with over 17 years of childcare experience with children of all ages. My time with children has taught me how to slow down, find playful moments in every activity, and to stay present, loving, and kind. I have created a sweet little spin off of my former preschool, Sweet River bamboo, that I created and taught at for 3 years in the form of a nanny share. If I were asked to describe in one word the quality of the relationships I cultivate with children, it would be... Magical. There is space available for 1-2 children in my play group on Wednesdays from 9a-1p/3:30p. This nanny share arrangement is ideal for families who want their children to socialize and explore creativity and nature weekly, and who want to gently introduce/or continue offering their child a small group of children to engage with in a warm and loving environment. This childcare group is well established and a high quality group with extremely mindful care and thoughtful parenting.  

Your child will be playing with 2 year old Macy and 4 year old Seamus for the day. We are in Macy's home until 1p and then at Seamus's home after that for nap/rest time. Macy is kind and strong. She loves filling up her back packs for adventures, and playing dress up. Seamus is an energetic tender spirit who loves to build polar bear dens and play chase. Both children love to make art, cuddle, and read books. Our rhythm is filled with playtime, song circles, and craft making that celebrate the seasons and infuse our time together with rich, collaborative activities. There is a lot of silliness and laughter too! If our group size allows, we visit playgrounds and venture out to the local gardens around town. There is a lot of silliness and laughter too! Our days are media free aside from world music that  accompanies our dance jams. I would like to bring our new group together as soon as possible so we can all get to know each other and settle into our rhythm. I have excellent references to share with you so please contact me at 503-432-6414 or saralizadeh@hotmail.com to learn more about this arrangement. Above all, I truly see children as whole beings of love and light, and I deeply enjoy getting to know each and every little one who joins my path and shares their magic with me. Please check out my former preschool's facebook page, Sweet River Bamboo and extended childcare post to get a sense of the quality of care I provide children.

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