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Looking for NE, SE, or NoPo family to nanny share (bilingual nanny)

We are a family in inner NE with three school-age children looking to share our nanny, Eva, with another family. Eva has been with our family for 9+ years. She will take care of our three children after school (from 2:30-5:30 p.m.), so we are looking for a family with a baby or toddler who needs help from 10 a.m.-2:30 Monday thru Friday. If you are willing to have her look after our kids as well, you might be able to also have her watch your child after school one or two afternoons/week.

Some details about Eva:

-Originally from Mexico, Eva’s primary language is Spanish. She speaks some English. (My husband and I don’t speak Spanish, but we’ve been able to convey what we need to Eva.) She is in the process of receiving her green card.

-Eva speaks Spanish with our children because we want them to be bilingual. She would speak Spanish with the children of the family who nanny-shares with us, thus it would work best if family had younger children or bilingual children.

-Eva engages children through song, talking, and movement. Eva is always talking to our children and engaging them in various ways. As a result, they speak Spanish incredibly well.

-Eva is very active: She loves taking our children to the neighborhood parks, OMSI, the zoo, etc. (She is on our OMSI and zoo membership.)

-Eva folds all of our laundry, irons clothes, and does light housework (e.g. sweeps kitchen floor, makes children’s beds, etc.). She perceives a need almost before we realize it! 

-Eva lives in Vancouver. Due to her commute, she does not want to commit to a position that requires her to arrive in Portland before 10 a.m. She also wants to work on the eastside, NoPo, or possibly NW—somewhere easy to get to from I-5. She could also work in Vancouver.

-Eva charges $15/hour, which includes taxes to be withheld.

-Eva is incredibly loving, generous, gracious, and thoughtful.

I could go on and on, but I’ll stop now. Eva has entrusted me to find a family to nanny-share so please contact me if you are interested in finding out more.

Sarah, Jack, Phoebe (9), John (6), and Daphne (6)

Contact me at: bowenshea at gmail dot com.



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