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Infant care in SW Portland/Multnomah Village area starting in September

Hi, I will be needing full time care for my then, six month old, starting in September (right now she is three weeks).  Every place I find is either full or has a huge population of kids getting care.  I am looking for a small childcare that is eco- friendly.  Does anyone have suggestions or ideas?  I heard in-home care is preferable.  This is our first child and I am very nervous about childcare.  My husband and I are both teachers and would be willing to trade a portion of tuition for tutoring if that is helpful for someone who has older children.  I specialize in special education (high functioning autism/aspergers/emotional challenges) and my husband is a high school teacher in math, chemistry, physics, biology, and earth science. I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions.  Thank you so much and have a beautiful day!!!  Jeramie


After our daughter was born we joined a "new moms group" through providence. We made lots of new friends and still meet quite frequently. A couple of the moms decided to stay home and have been wonderful assets watching the rest of our kids. Just a thought!

Hi Melinda, thank you for your response. How do you get involved in the new mom's group?

Jeramie! Hey lady! Congratulations to you and Ryan. I can't wait to meet your baby girl. I was really stressed out about child care before and during my maternity leave, too. It's a huge decision, so try to visit a couple places and look into things like the new Mom's group at Providence (if you gave birth there), and check this website and Craig's List for nannies and nanny shares. We are doing a day care center in the neighborhood two days a week and sharing a nanny with another family down the street three days a week. It sucks that we need full-time care, but we do, and it doesn't get easier to accept but it does become routine after a few weeks. I like that our little guy is getting more socialization than he would if I were home with him all day. I love you and I'm thinking of you, and please call or email if you have time to talk. : )
Enjoy your babe! Melissa I.

Melissa!!!! How are you? I am so scared about daycare. Did you join that Providence group? I should, we did give birth there. How do I sign up? I was looking for a nannyshare. How old was your cutie when he started daycare? Are you happy with your daycare? If not maybe we could do a nannyshare. I love love love being a mommy. I would love to have coffee with you soon, I miss seing your face at school. I always think about how lucky we were to have you....you helped me soooo much! Email me at school and will give you my number so, we can set something up, when you have time!!!! xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxox Jeramie

I intended to join the new Mom's group, but I just never got around to it - it seemed so far from where I live; I wasn't motivated. Anyway, I went back to work and started using daycare when my boy was 3 months old. The daycare that we chose is okay. The people that work there are warm and really nice, but mostly we liked that it's two blocks from our house. In retrospect, the location doesn't matter that much since I'm at work all day! Do you know what I mean? We love the nannyshare situation that we do 3 days a week. I'm hoping to change daycare centers in the summer. It's really hard, huh? I hope you find something you can feel good about. I really wish PPS had infant care for its employees!
call me anytime: 503-235-5737
I'll email you at school, too..

Hi Jeramie (and Melissa)!
I am looking for a NannyShare in SW/Multnomah Village too! My son is now 6 weeks old. I am looking for, ideally, part-time care starting in July and increasing gradully to 30-35 hours/week by September. I organized a nannyshare when my now 2.5 year old daughter was an infant, so I have some experience, and would be happy to help host, organize, or whatever. We are no/low media, organic food eating, green, etc. portlanders, and I am drawn to attachment parenting and waldorf early education philosophies. If you are intersted, please contact me at leigh.sangster at gmail.com and we can talk further!
best wishes, and congratulations on your little ones,

Did you ever find the child care you were looking for? If not please email me at mlkeiner@gmail.com.


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