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Looking to start a Sellwood childcare swap

I am a very part-time work from home mother to an 18 month old son.  We, along with my husband, just moved to the area a month ago.  We live on a strict, minimalist budget and are brainstorming cheap childcare options.  

Something that makes sense to us is a childcare swap, where like-minded parents could trade "points" for flexible, free childcare.  

Here is our vision: Child-care provided by like-minded families on an equal exchange basis. This would allow us to have a community of parents to call upon when we need to go alone to an appointment, get some work done, or go out for a date night. [No overnights; the idea is for flexible, short-term child care needs]  No money is exchanged, but sitters would receive a certain amount of points (per child, per hour) that they could then "trade in" for child care in the future.  This would keep it balanced and fair, so that no one family is using lots of childcare without reciprocating.  Any age of child would be acceptable, even infants.  

We'd like to meet with other families who are interested in something like this.  We could host a gathering to meet up and see if it seems like a good fit.  We could then form a google group or yahoo group so that we could contact one another for childcare needs as well as organize playdates if so desired.   If you are interested, email me at { kjb1020 at gmail dot com }  and tell me a little bit about your family and parenting style.

About my family: Mama, Papa, toddler (18 months) young family who live in the Sellwood area. We just moved from Ohio in August 2010.  Like to go on walks, read books, do creative activities (color, dance, etc), and visit science museums, zoo, playgrounds.  Vegetarian, mostly-organic diet; simple lifestyle; spiritually minded; attachment parenting style.  We do some baby signs with our son.  We emphasize positive discipline and like to encourage our son's creativity and curiosity.  Papa works full time as a manager for a coffee shop, and Mama is a very part time online business researcher and social media consultant.  Non-smoking, very clean home, no pets.  Small home in very safe neighborhood.  I am CPR certified (just renewed in May 2010).  I have experience as a babysitter, mother, and dance instructor for ages 3-13. Our parenting is very child-driven, i.e. we emphasize exploration instead of flash cards.  Our son is playful, sweet, and mild-tempered.  

Again, please email if interested and we can start organizing something!

{ kjb1020 at gmail dot com }


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