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Interested in starting a NoPo play school?

We'd like to start two!  We have a three year old and a 15 mth old and we are interested in starting a play group/school for each with a couple of other families.   Do you have a oneish year old?  Do you have a threeish year old (having both not required). We conceptualize a one day per week meeting...in my home and perhaps one other parent home (rotating), from 8:30 amish to 12:30am ish (8-12 or 9-1...we're flexible at this point).  We'd like to hire a teacher together with you.  We're considering each family pays $20ish per day to hire a PSU Child and Family Studies student?  Parents arrange pick up/drop off.  Lunch included and provided by parents (can rotate).  These are our thoughts/ideas.  What are yours?  We are attachmentish parenting parents who practice art, music, home crafting, NVC, use organic foods, have a large organic permaculture garden filled back yard with chickens, fish, swing, etc, across from Kenton Park and are looking for additional socialization opportunities for both of our children.  Please email Teresa at teresa@insightsoutside.com.  Thanks!


This is a great idea. Are you still interested in organizing something like this. We have a 21 month old, live in Arbor Lodge and are looking for something similar.

I like this article, your opinion very accord with my values.

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