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Seeking family daycare for my 3 month old in Vancouver, WA area

Can anyone recommend a good, reputable & affordable ($150 or less per week, full-time, Mon-Fri) family day care in the Clark County area? I'm looking for a place near the Clark College/downtown Vancouver area or within a 5 mile radius. I may be returning to work as early as September so I'd like to interview the daycare providers soon.

I'm open to hiring a nanny also but it would have to be around the same rate (e.g., $150 per week). Please post your suggestions as "comments" or email me at elmiquiabas@hotmail.com.

Thanks in advance!




Hand in Hand Child Development Center. 404 E Evergreen St., Amazing infant room!!! Very spendy though, the infant room is right around $1300 and my kindergarten is $875 per month. We are looking for something less expensive so let me know if you find something! Just had to tell you about this place, I have never been so comfortable with my kids anywhere else!!

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