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Play/Pre-School Swap in inner-NE for Fall 2007 Kids

We are in the process of relocating and am struggling to find preschool options for my November 2007 boy.  Before relocating, we were anticipating a 4 day a week co-op preschool this fall in California; Oregon's starting school age means that he is not eligable for many preschool options here.   

Unless someone can direct me to something similar, I want to start a round robin play school starting late August or early September.  I anticipate being in the inner NE due to job location.  Ideally there would be four of us and each would host one morning a week from 9am-1pm.  The daily schedule would be flexible but the host would try to include circle/song time, a short lesson (perhaps based on a predetermined theme around the seasons or something), a craft, a snack and lunch, and many opportunities for free play.  We are a gentle discipline, APish house and would expect that others would also follow similar philosophies.

If you live in the inner NE, have a Fall 2007 child, and are interested in exploring such an arrangement, please email me -  irozelardo at yahoo dot com. 


hi, just wanted to suggest that you look into the Hands On Art and Play school in inner se. they take kids at 2.5 years, you can choose which and how many days you are interested in, and they have reasonable rates. Our daughter has been there for over a year and really loves it. Nice people and nice teachers. good luck!

Another preschool suggestion is Escuela Viva which will be at 1111 SE Pine.

we have an in-home playschool with space. i am a sahm with 15 years of experience and education. we have a loose child-centered, playbased curriculum based on the tenets of unconditional parenting and montessori :). we'd love to have him. our website is a work in progress at www.urbanrootsplayschool.com

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