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Help with Vancouver WA Early Interverntion Programs

We had a screening appointment for our 2.5 year old son yesterday.  He scores pretty high on everything but speech.  They say he needs to be evaluated.  He has a frenulum that was cut when he was 7 months old, but he still can not stick his tongue out past his lips.  He speaks words but you can not understand them.  Because he screened high on the other sections (fine motor, gross motor, problem solving, personal-social) we are not sure if he will qualify.  He speaks but you can not understand him most of the time.   I was handed 3 brochures for the current service providers. 
We have:
Pride for Kids Family Therapy Center (this seems more family based)
Innovative Services NW Pediatric Therapy Services (more like a Dr Office)
The Educational Service District 112 Early Intervention Program (Teachers who visit the home) We are in full time home based Daycare so I do not really want to have someone put the burden on our provider so I feel that this one is out)
 Has anyone had any experience with the Clark county service providers? I am going to call and try to drop but but ANY info, questions to ask ect is greatly appreciated!  We cant move forward till I pick one and I want to get the best fit for us. 
I can be contacted at timandceri at yahoo dot com  THANKS!!!!


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