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Hawthorne Family Playschool Has Spots Available for Fall 2010!

Hi Urban Mamas!

Anyone still looking for an amazing preschool for Fall 2010?

Do you have a strong desire and some mornings available to participate in your child's early school experiences in a meaningful way?

Do you crave connection with other parents beyond the occasional playdate and chats at the park or coffee shop?

Hawthorne Family Playschool has a few spots available for 4 year olds and one spot available for a 3 year old this Fall. We need girls to keep our gender ratio even, but feel free to drop me a line if you have a preschooler who will be 3 or 4 by September 2010. As this year's Membership Coordinator, I'd be happy to help you with any questions or with sending you an application. You can email me at shannon.rhoads@yahoo.com.

The co-op experience has been great for my kids and for me. I'm heading into my third year at Hawthorne Family Playschool as a parent and I am so excited for the year ahead. My 3 year old son is finally old enough to attend HFP this Fall rather than just beg me to stay like he has been this year.

It's intensely gratifying to see the level of connections he already has to our teacher, to our school and to so many families from being a younger sibling in a co-op setting. I never anticipated the degree of socialization my younger child would get when I signed up my daughter at HFP two years ago. At that time, I was just so happy to get her in (we were on the wait list) and wasn't even thinking about preschool for my still nursing little boy.

I quickly connected with another family with a younger sibling and, for the last two years, we have taken turns caring for our youngest children when one of us was in the classroom parent helping. Unlike most other preschools, our youngest kids were also included in many of the extracurricular and community-building activities of the school and were treated like they were part of the community as well. As a result, I have a 3 year old boy starting preschool with about zero hesitation or anxiety. If anything, we may need to take his confidence down a notch or two. ;-)

I have an incredible community of people that I feel really connected to through the school. I'm now on the HFP board, which means I do even more work for the school, but I'm surprised to say how much I like it. It's been a learning experience for me, trying to juggle everything as a mom, but I know I will look back on these years with my kids and feel so glad I invested in this experience.

I hope I haven't focused too much on my personal experience and not enough on the details of the school, but I always get so much more out of first hand accounts from other parents. I did some Urban Mamas postings last year that tell you a bit more about the school and I would encourage you to check out the comments at the end of them in particular, as they speak volumes about how highly regarded the school is.

I look forward to hearing from any of you wishing to learn more about HFP.



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