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Openings in Spanish Immersion Co-op Preschool

A home-based cooperative preschool in the Mt. Tabor neighborhood has openings for 1-2 children age three or four. We are three families who created our school in order to provide our children with a montessori based education and significant Spanish exposure with a native Spanish speaker. The school meets 8:30 - 1pm three days a week currently, but we are considering adding a fourth day. Tuition for the three days per week will be between $283 and $324 per month depending on how many children are enrolled. Please contact us with any questions at liz.schwarz@yahoo.com. We look forward to meeting interested families. 


Hi. Very interested. Our son is almost 3 (July 31st) and we would love to start him in daycare soon. Please email me. callmebridget@gmail.com.

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