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Stay at home dad looking for 1-2 more toddlers to join our weekly adventures (M,W,F).  We spend our days exploring our neighborhood, going on urban hikes, taking the train on grand adventures, or playing Thomas trains at Barnes and Nobles when it cold and raining.  We read books, sings songs, draw pictures, dance around the kitchen, build towers and drive our trucks, trains and cars.   We also occasionally watch a Caillou video, or practice sing language with Signing Time, which we LOVE!

We have decided we'd try finding a few like minded families, like ourselves, who are not quite ready for the preschool experience, but really want, and need, to introduce more socialization into the mix - making it more like a Manny share, than daycare, but with all of the fun of a daycare environment. 

My husband has BSW from Oakwood college and spent over 10 years working with at risk kids.  He's decided he's ready for a more rewarding environment and one where his days can be spent having a great time while being a positive influence on kids lives.  He has taught daycare, was a camp counselor, and worked as a live in childcare provider for almost two years. 

If you're interested in learning more about our family, please give us a call (650-430-4115).  We're ready for the next chapter in our son's life (he turns two next week), and we hope it involves some great new friends. 

This is also the first step for us in a bigger vision of creating an indoor play place and preschool for kids here in the Portland-Metro area - more about that soon!

Many blessings,

Jenn and Sa'id


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