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Feedback about Apple Blossom, Blossom House, or Mother Earth Preschools?

Hello fellow Portland Parents!

I am looking for some feedback from parents (or even former teachers) who have had their children attend one of the following three preschools:

I am considering all three schools for my son and will be visiting them in the next week to form my own opinions, but I would LOVE to hear any firsthand accounts of people who've had their children in one of these schools.  Please email me at hcullom@aol.com with any feedback that you might have, whether positive or negative.

(My son was abused at a daycare about a year ago [despite my valiant efforts to do everything "right" in screening the daycare, questioning parents, showing up unannounced, etc], so I am even more nervous about finding childcare than your average parent.  We've had a wonderful nanny for the past year, but she is leaving us because she needs to spend more time with her three pre-teen and teenage boys.)

I would be EVER grateful for any advice or feedback anyone can give me!

If you'd like to suggest another option, that's great too, but I am a single mama so I need full-time preschool (full days, 4-5 days per week) and can't do co-ops or other schools that only offer half day programs.  If you have any other great ideas, please pass them along too!   


We just went to the Blossom House open house this weekend and everything looked great. Traci and Cindy were very nice too. I would love to hear the opinion of others as well!

The best way to check out a potential child care provider licensed with the State of Oregon, please check out:

If they are not licensed then it is very hard to make sure they are meeting health, safety and fire codes as well as do background checks on any adult with access to the children.

Good Luck!

I would advise anyone looking in to Apple Blossom to be quite aware of their MORE than awkward payment plan. It's not easy to understand your actual weekly/monthly cost, because there is an excessive amount of time that they are closed throughout the year. Be forewarned that they take weeks off, yet you are still charged full price for that month. I am aware that you can look over their yearly schedule, adjust for any care that will be necessary on their (many) off days/weeks, and aggregate that cost to figure out a true monthly fee....but should that really be necessary? There is also a confusing amount of deposits that they deem mandatory. As if that wasn't enough, they have an extremely questionable NINETY DAY notice for enrollment cancellation, meaning that even if you don't trust/want their care after a short while, you are still heavily financially obligated to the school. They justify this by saying they are very selective in their "fits" within the school, but have never witnessed this. In our experience, Miss Carrie(who is only present during your initial trial, and rarely if ever otherwise) does not reject children. Who would? You are a daycare, so you would assume only the most extreme cases would be considered for non-acceptance. But why is THAT the justification of a NINETY day notice?
To be quite honest the care is good and loving, but by no means extraordinary. The problem isn't the care though, it's trusting someone with your kid when it feels like there is some financial weirdness going on.
Oh yeah, and we were given the impression Carrie would be around to use her Waldorf expertise. She has not been.

This is an interesting topic.. am in the same bought you were in right now.. am searching for opinions from blogs like this ones. Thanks for the share!

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