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Seeking feedback on Bethany Village Montessori

I am trying to find some reviews on Bethany Village montessori.  Anyone on this forum know anything about Bethany Village Montessori first hand or know someone that has their kids at Bethany Village.  Any info would be much appreciated. 

We toured the place but there is only so much you can get from being there for 30-45 mins.




Don't go there! I am teacher who substitute taught there one day and they decided I didn't need to be paid. The materials were plastic and torn, processed meals were served on disposable plates and it felt like a prison in there. You can find a much better school where teachers are happy and children are the focus.

I disagree with the previous writer. The school is wonderful! They have a very caring bunch of teachers. The director is very organized and keeps the school in tip-top condition. The materials are in great shape and the rooms are spotless and pristine. It's a wonderful school. They truly care about each child and take interest in each child's success. The teachers are all certified in Montessori (most AMI) and know their stuff! My son LOVED the school and loves learning and discovering new information because of his experience there. I give them a rave review. It's a WONDERFUL school!

Bethany Village is a fine school ~ though I must agree that the lunches are not very good and yes they do use disposable cutlery, plates, etc. There are certainly improvements that could be made but I must disagree with the first reviewer, the primary program materials are in well kept condition and the classrooms are quite lovely. The teachers are quite kind as well ~ though they are not mostly AMI there are only a couple AMI certified staff. Overall it is an alright school.

Haritha -- did you end up enrolling your child at the Bethany Montessori? And if so, what do you think? We're thinking about enrolling there.


Bethany Village has not used outside staff for substitutes in years so I assume the reviewer that substituted there did so more than a few years ago.

I am the new Director at Bethany Village, and come with an AMS teaching credential and 15+ years of experience. The staff here is amazing-with wonderful tenure-some teachers have been here 10 years. The families are also wonderful, and we have added a brand new infant program to support the need for quality, loving infant care in our area. Please feel free to come in and have a tour!


I am a former teacher at the school of two years and would not send my child to the school. The school is very under staffed and the children suffer. Young toddler are constantly being moved out of their room to other toddler rooms and infant rooms. teaching staff are left with to many children and no help on a consistent 2 or three day's a week. The staff a very loving a do a wonderful jod but the management sucks.

I agree with you, not only the young todds but primary( big kids) are also being move back to toddlers when they are under staff...I will not bring my kids there as well.

And also primary kids being moved to another classroom especially in the morning...which I think not healthy for the children...

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